INSPIRING: Liana Allison, Sarah Tump and Noni Croft
INSPIRING: Liana Allison, Sarah Tump and Noni Croft

Documentary release set to heal wounds

STICKS and stones may break your bones, but trauma does not define you.

This is the message that filmmaker Sarah Tump hopes audiences will take away from her highly anticipated documentary, Bones of Women, which is set to hit Bundy screens in just over a month.

“I want people to feel empowered, inspired, walk away knowing they are not a victim and their past does not define who they are or determine their future,” Ms Tump said.

“But it’s also OK to talk about things we’ve been through because when we talk, an opportunity is presented to explore healing options outside of the traditional means and sometimes that is the catalyst for healing.”

The premise of the film shows Liana Allison and Noni Croft, who courageously open up and share their childhood traumas with one another.

But just like bones lay beneath layers of skin, the true beauty of the film is based around human connection and how both women have overcome their childhood trauma and risen from the ashes, growing into two very strong and successful women.

“The audience will see two very real women acknowledge that this terrible thing has happened to them,” Ms Tump said.

“But then they got brave, vulnerable and took their power back over their own lives … and look at them now.

“I know it’s called Bones of Women, but this film is for anyone that has experienced trauma and men are welcome.”

Ticketholders are also encouraged to post a photo of their ticket on the Facebook page to go into the draw to win prizes, which have been donated by a number of local businesses.

Bones of Women is an 18+ event and premieres at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre on March 21, at 3pm.

Tickets are $20.