CATCH: Glen and Kylie Brownrigg's haul.
CATCH: Glen and Kylie Brownrigg's haul. Contributed

Determination pays off as Coast couple reels in bull shark

AN UNSUCCESSFUL hook-up the previous night was enough to lure keen angler Glen Brownrigg back to the water and his reward for effort came in the shape of a bull shark.

Mr Brownrigg, a Tasmanian native, and his wife, Kylie, took their 4.1m tinnie out on Noosa River on Saturday night, targeting small bull sharks for some catch and release action.

Mr Brownrigg had hooked one on Friday night while out with his son, but had been unable to reel it in.

Noosa couple catch bull shark: Productive night of fishing for Coast couple
Noosa couple catch bull shark: Productive night of fishing for Coast couple

But fishing in the second ski run above the ferry going over to North Shore with legal-sized bream as live bait under a balloon, he was able to make amends, using burley and an incoming tide.

He said they'd seen plenty of bull sharks jumping along the river over the years but never heard of anyone having an issue with them or a dangerous encounter.

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Mr Brownrigg said he used a circle hook to as not to harm the sharks.

"They're pretty cool animals," he said.

He said the shark was under 1.5m and they hadn't targeted large sharks. Mr Brownrigg said they respected sharks and their environment and didn't believe in culling them.

"He was a pretty healthy-looking shark," Mr Brownrigg said.

"It's just a bit of fun."

He said it took a couple of hours to hook the shark and then about 5-10 minutes to reel it in.

His catch came after a run of bull shark catches around Bribie Island in the past few weeks.

They were more active at the moment as it was breeding season for bull sharks.