Truck driver Stephen John Kennedy, 56, preyed on young girls between Townsville and Cairns.
Truck driver Stephen John Kennedy, 56, preyed on young girls between Townsville and Cairns.

‘Depraved monster’ truckie to be released

Warning: Confronting content

A "DEPRAVED monster" who photographed himself molesting and raping little girls to add to a child porn library of almost 67,000 images will be back on the street next month after a sensational decision to set him free.

Paedophile truckie Stephen John Kennedy, 56, sexually abused five children last decade - including one child who he drugged with meth and raped.

The girl, aged 8, began hallucinating and later told police she remembers having tape put over her mouth and being tied up, following a truck ride from Townsville to Cairns in 2007.

He also targeted girls as young as three and children who lived next door to him.

When his house was raided, police uncovered an "abhorrent" library of child pornography that he had made himself with his victims.

The Sunday Mail can reveal the state's Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath this month applied for a supervision order upon Kennedy's release next month.

It bans him from residing within just 100m of schools and daycare facilities, and he cannot contact his victims.

But there are fears Kennedy could strike again after a psychiatrist ruled he was a "moderately high" chance of reoffending.

"As a mum, I simply can't believe this, in fact it makes me feel sick to my very core," Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington said.

"What the hell is wrong with Labor, this sexual predator's crimes are sickening and the Attorney-General has gone out of her way to have him released into the community."

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath.
Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath.


Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington.
Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington.

Judge Peter Davis agreed to release Kennedy following a submission for Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath.

Kennedy received a punitive release date of July 26.

"Historically, he was very successful in hiding his offending behaviours from others, exploiting and manipulating the situation to pursue his deviant sexual gratification. He did not feel he could stop the offending himself," Justice Davis said in his judgment.

But one psychiatrist said: "Despite the gains (Kennedy) has made in regard to his own intellectual understanding of emotional vulnerabilities, (he) continues to present with a number of outstanding treatment needs in regard to the presence of sexual deviancy, self-awareness and emotional regulation.

"I would estimate his unmodified risk of sexual reoffending to be moderately high."

Ms D'Ath's office was sent a list of questions about Kennedy's release, which were responded to by a Queensland Corrective Services spokesman yesterday.

A statement sent to The Sunday Mail said Kennedy would be heavily monitored, including via the use of a GPS tracking bracelet.

"The decision relied upon a range of factors including but not limited to the evidence of three psychiatrists who have undertaken comprehensive risk assessments, other medical and psychological assessments relating to the prisoner as well as his participation in the relevant rehabilitation programs," the statement read.

"Based on that information, the Supreme Court determined that the offender was suitable for release to the community under a 48-point supervision order containing appropriate conditions to ensure adequate protection of the community by removing any unacceptable risk that the prisoner will commit a serious sexual offence.