watch the deleted I’m A Celeb scene about Pete Evans

Channel 10 chose not to air a scene on I'm A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here showing Colin Fassnidge discussing controversial personality Pete Evans.

The former My Kitchen Rules host was set to appear on this season of the show but was dumped by Channel 10 after sharing a cartoon on social media that included the Black Sun symbol from Nazi Germany.

Evans' spot in the show was filled by Fassnidge who received a last-minute call-up.

In the deleted scene, which was leaked to, Fassnidge spoke about Evans to Grant Denyer and Abbie Chatfield.

"I speak to him every now and then, (but) not since he got in trouble," Fassnidge said. "I don't agree with what he says but I worked with the guy for nine years."

Colin Fassnidge and Pete Evans on MKR.
Colin Fassnidge and Pete Evans on MKR.

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One of the camp mates asked if Evans, who often promotes conspiracy theories on social media, was always "alternative".

"Yeah, but not as out there," Fassnidge replied. "He's off the leash now."

Fassnidge added that while filming My Kitchen Rules, Evans would often discuss Donald Trump off-camera.

"He was always pro-Trump. Me and Manu (Feildel) would be like, 'What?' And then you're just like, don't get into an argument. It's not worth it because he can go for hours."

At one stage Fassnidge suggested it was unfair how much attention from the media Evans receives, but he was quickly shut down by Denyer.

"It's not nice to get that much media," Fassnidge said. "Non-stop every day."

"He courts it," Denyer said.

Fassnidge continued: "For your kids as well, they're the collateral damage."

Again, Denyer replied: "But he does court it."

Fassnidge discussing Pete Evans.
Fassnidge discussing Pete Evans.


Controversial chef Pete Evans.
Controversial chef Pete Evans.

Speaking to the camera later on, Fassnidge seemingly referenced Evans' controversial cartoon, saying: "There's jokes and there's jokes and there's clever and there's clever, you've overstepped the boundary on that one. There's some things you just don't do.

"He's gotten in a lot of trouble lately for his views," he continued. "I do not agree with any of the views. (But) the media is absolutely hounding him, whether that's his own making, well, you know."


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