flu injection Terry white chemist. PBP.  12 April  2016.
flu injection Terry white chemist. PBP. 12 April 2016. Trevor Veale

LETTER: Delay of flu vaccine is a despicable act

THIS year's flu vaccine has been available at pharmacies for about 10 days, but only for those with a doctor's prescription and who can afford the cost.

It has not arrived at doctor's practices and medical centres, where it is made available free to pensioners and low-income earners. Yesterday I visited my local medical practice to inquire when it would be available.

The response was "we have no idea, I can give you a doctor's appointment to obtain a script which you can take to the pharmacy, but you will have to pay for it".

They then advised me to phone them every Monday to see if the vaccine had yet arrived.

Is Malcolm Turnbull and his Health Minister trying to kill off pensioners as a budget saving measure?

Delaying the availability of this vaccine to those most vulnerable and more likely to die from a bad form of influenza, is the most despicable act yet.

Even Tony Abbott wouldn't have bunged this one on.

I can't hear you, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Shadow Health Minister Catherine King.

Have you caught the flu and developed laryngitis?