IN COURT: Kim Therese Bell.
IN COURT: Kim Therese Bell.

Defendant licks meth, tells cops it’s just 'Panadol'

AFTER spending nine months in prison, a woman has appeared in Bundaberg Magistrates Court to finalise a series of drug-related charges.

Looking to start afresh, Kim Therese Bell relocated from Goondiwindi to the Bundaberg region about six weeks ago, with her 10-year-old daughter in tow.

But with outstanding charges linked to offences that were dealt with by the District Court, resulting of nine months jail time, the defendant was back in court again.


IN COURT: Kim Therese Bell.
IN COURT: Kim Therese Bell.

The defendant pleaded guilty to a total of 10 charges, dated from January to October last year, some of which had already been finalised.

On January 9, March 13 and June 5 last year, police executed search warrants at the defendant's residential address at Goondiwindi.

On the first occasion, police found an electric grinder, which the defendant admitted to have used for chopping up cannabis.

Two months later, police discovered an Apple iPhone which belonged to the defendant with multiple voice recordings and messages showing it had been used to supply drugs.

Police then found a large water pipe, scissors, a tin and green plant material which had been chopped up in Bell's home in June.

Back in March last year, the defendant was intercepted by police while driving and she admitted to smoking cannabis the night earlier.

Bell later told police that she had a bag in her possession that might contain ice.

Using her finger, the defendant licked contents of clip-seal bag, telling police it tasted like "Panadol" and she did not feel any effects by taking it.

When police conducted a roadside test Bell tested positive for methamphetamine.

Intercepted by police during a roadside test in September last year, the defendant tested positive for drugs with the results showing methamphetamine and cannabis to be present in her system.

Less than a month later, police found three clip-seal bags containing less than 1g of methamphetamine in Bell's handbag.

Finding herself in trouble again in October last year, police recognised the defendant from previous incidents walking in an exaggerated manner while they were conducting mobile patrols.

Behaving in a manner that demonstrated she may be under the influence of substances, police said Bell's movements were exaggerated, uncoordinated and her speech was slurred.

The defendant told police she had just been to hospital in an attempt to receive medical treatment for an ongoing leg injury.

When asked if she had taken any substances, Bell informed police she had smoked cannabis in the last few days, consumed alcohol and other drugs earlier that day, but had not taken ice for a week.

Searching through Bell's handbag, police found a small torch which contained 0.2g of cannabis inside, underneath the battery.

Weeks later, police found multiple items used to take drugs were found in the hotel room where the defendant was staying, including two water pipes and a glass pipe.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland said it was clear from the charges listed that there had been ongoing drug use over that time.

Telling the court she had been drug-free for 11 months, the defendant said she moved to Bundaberg to be near family and while she was not currently working, she intends to start applying for jobs once she can apply for a new driver's licence.

Appearing in court at Goondiwindi in March this year, Bell was sentenced to nine months in prison for supplying and possessing of dangerous drugs and was eligible for immediate parole.

Bell received a $600 fine for one count of supplying cannabis and for two drug driving charges, was fined a total of $400 and disqualified from holding or obtaining a drivers licence for a total of two months.

She was convicted and received no further punishment for all other charges, which were previously dealt with by the District Court and all convictions were recorded.