A scene from the first trailer of Unfriended.
A scene from the first trailer of Unfriended.

Death by Skype: watch the Unfriended trailer

WHO knew Skype's blue and white avatar could be so scary, or dangerous.

The first trailer for Universal Pictures' horror film Unfriended has been released.

It follows six high school friends who receive a Skype message from a friend who took her life a year earlier after an embarrassing video was leaked online.

At first the teens think it is a prank but, as the synopsis says, "when the girl starts revealing the friends' darkest secrets, they realise they are dealing with something out of this world, something that wants them dead".

Previously titled Cybernatural, the film's concept and its trailer have been met with mixed reactions.

Twitter user @willarmstrong99 wrote: "That "unfriended" movie looks like it's based of one of those scary chain messages you send to everyone in your contacts in 6th grade".

But many others have expressed interest in seeing the film, which had its world premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival in July last year.

Universal has yet to confirm an Australian release date.

Unfriended will open in the US on April 17.