Fresh claims of dealers lacing marijuana have re-ignited debate.
Fresh claims of dealers lacing marijuana have re-ignited debate. Contributed

Dealers lacing weed with meth, judge told

DRUG dealers are lacing marijuana with highly addictive methylamphetamine, a court has heard.

Justice James Douglas said the "distressing” suggestion emerged at a drug trafficker's case on Wednesday in Brisbane Supreme Court.

"I heard some distressing evidence ... that people distributing cannabis now lace it with methylamphetamine.”

Justice Douglas said it was common for people to appear before the courts now with an ice addiction that had escalated from marijuana use.

The Supreme Court judge's remarks follow similar concerns voiced here and abroad in recent years, but laced weed claims have also sparked some scepticism.

In August, Leah Tickner from Caboolture drug counselling group Lives Lived Well told the Courier-Mail dealers were selling cannabis laced with meth to get youngsters hooked.

In July 2016, NSW Central Coast police voiced concerns about marijuana laced with ice after two boys aged 10 and 11 were taken to Hospital suffering hallucinations.

On Wednesday afternoon, Rockhampton's Detective Inspector Darrin Shadlow said police did not have evidence of dealers lacing marijuana with ice, but some users were known to voluntarily sprinkle meth on top of marijuana.

Insp Shadlow said the users would refer to this as a "snow cone”.

Alcohol and Drug Foundation policy manager Geoff Munro said the lacing concept seemed unlikely because "consumers wouldn't receive the drug of their choice and therefore wouldn't experience the desired effects. This could mean that the consumer ceases future purchases from the distributor.”

Mr Munro said a person who consumed ice accidentally "would not develop an immediate dependency”.

Apart from in Queensland and NSW, reports of dealers lacing weed with ice have emerged periodically from New Zealand and Canada in recent years. -NewsRegional