A dead bird at the Bundaberg botanic gardens.
A dead bird at the Bundaberg botanic gardens. Mike Knott

Dead birds at botanic gardens explained

SEVERAL young birds have been found dead in the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens.

Baby cattle egret birds, from the Bubulcus ibis family, have been found dead.

Notwithstanding the current dry conditions, park officers said the deaths were from natural causes.

The breeding season of the cattle egret is from October to March.

The peak of the season is just after Christmas, when the chicks are ready to hatch.

During this time, many of the young birds will not ­survive due to a number of threats, including strong winds, sibling dominance, parents removing weaker chicks from the nests and lack of food and resources.

Visitors o the Botanic Gardens are requested to avoid feeding the birds at cafes and disposing of rubbish responsibly.

Bundaberg Regional Council also asks that locals and tourists do not handle any fallen birds, which will be removed and disposed of by council staff.

While breeding sites in the gardens vary each year, the council said they are currently investigating which areas are prominent for nests and will require signs.

If there are any concerns in relation to birds or wildlife, please contact the council on 1300 883 699.