6;50pm: TEN witnesses have now testified in the coronial probe into the murder of Shandee Blackburn.

The last to give evidence today was Celeste Moore, who said Norman Dorante had come over come over to her house on the day Shandee died looking "nervous and clammy" and with "the look of fear in his eyes".

"I could see there was something," Ms Moore told Mackay Coroners Court.

Mr Dorante was among the people rumoured to have murdered the 23 year old on February 9, 2013.

He was never arrested over the crime. Mr Dorante is due to give evidence later this week.

Tomorrow the inquest will hear from two police officers - Sergeant Brett Schniterling and Detective Sergeant Chad Davis - who will give evidence about the CCTV footage on the night Shandee was murdered.

Coroner David O'Connell questioned evidence involving a vehicle and asked barrister Craig Eberhardt, representing John Peros who was acquitted of Shandee's murder in 2017, if the car belonged to his client.

Mr Eberhardt said he was not in a position to say.

The inquest will hear from 52 witnesses in total including Mr Peros, who is expected to be called next week.

All evidence is expected to be completed by Thursday next week.

3.40pm: ONE of the first people at Shandee Blackburn's side the night she died said the first person who came to mind was William Daniel.

Mary Tomarra wiped tears from her eyes as she was questioned about finding the 23 year old face down beside the gutter in Boddington St on February 9, 2013.

She is the eighth witness to be called in the coronial inquest into Shandee's death.

Ms Tomarra said another witness David Roberts had moved Shandee into the recovery position.

Barrister Craig Eberhardt, for John Peros who was acquitted of Shandee's murder in 2017, asked Ms Tomarra if she had seen a white handbag at the scene.

She said no, only a mobile phone "laying beside her".

Mr Eberhardt asked Ms Tomarra about the first person she thought of that night with Shandee and she said it was Mr Daniel.

Mr Eberhardt has claimed during the inquest and Mr Peros' trial that Mr Daniel was a key suspect in Shandee's murder. Mr Daniel has never been arrested and has denied any involvement.

Ms Tomarra agreed Mr Daniel was often in the area where Shandee died.

Mr Eberhardt asked if it was an area where there was "a lot of people doing drug deals".

"I'm guessing," Ms Tomarra said, also agreeing there was a lot of street crime in the area.

She agreed under questioning from Mr Eberhardt that Mr Daniel was always in that area and "often off his head", was angry and would go off at people.

Ms Tomarra said she attended the Walk for Shandee, which was held in her honour after her death, and bumped into one of Mr Daniel's girlfriends who told her Mr Daniel wanted to have a chat.

"He just wanted to talk to me ... I think in regards to Shandee's thing," Ms Tomarra said, adding she did not know what the chat was about and never went to see him.

She told the court, under questioning from solicitor Kristy Bell for Shandee's mother Vicki Blackburn, there had been a lot of rumours about who killed Shandee a little while after her death.

Ms Tomarra said there were about "five names that were getting passed around" including Mr Daniel, Norman Dorante, IC and a former boyfriend of Shandee's.

She told the court she did not know who the former boyfriend was.

Levii Blackman, who also gave evidence today, told police during his second interview with them that Mr Daniel always carried knives and he had even seen Mr Daniel with a meat clever, but had "never ever seen him use them on anyone".

The interview was played in the inquest.

Mr Blackman said Mr Daniel carried whatever knife he could get his hands on and usually carried it in his back pocket or in his jacket.

He said if Mr Daniel had been carrying a knife on the night Shandee died it probably would have been in his hand because he had been wearing track pants and a hoodie.

In the interview, Mr Blackman refused to call Mr Daniel for a chat at the request of police.

More to come

12.50pm: WITNESS Levii Blackman has admitted during the coronial inquest into Shandee Blackburn's murder that he lied about her death.

The 23 year old admitted he had been responsible for the rumours that his close mate William Daniel had confessed to killing Shandee because he wanted the attention.

Solicitor Kristy Bell, who is representing Shandee's mum Vicki Blackburn, said the murder in 2013 had been a big deal in Mackay and Mr Blackman "wanted to be a part of it".

Ms Bell suggested Mr Blackman, who had been 17 years old at the time, had started the rumour implicating Mr Daniel and told his mother, nan, sister, brother-in-law and others "because he enjoyed the attention".

"But you didn't think it would go quite this far," Ms Bell said.

Mr Blackman agreed.


Levii Blackman leaves Mackay Court House during the Shandee Blackburn inquest.
Levii Blackman leaves Mackay Court House during the Shandee Blackburn inquest. Caitlan Charles

Earlier today Mr Blackman told counsel assisting the coroner John Aberdeen that he did not tell his sister or brother-in-law what Mr Daniel had allegedly told him the night Shandee was killed.

Mr Blackman said he only told his mother and "the rest is Chinese Whispers".

The court heard Mr Blackman told police how Mr Daniel talked to him not long after Shandee was killed as he was sitting outside his unit, alleging Mr Daniel had said "someone got murdered ... I did it".

But he later said that conversation did not happen.

Mr Blackman told the court today he had actually been speaking to Mr Daniel later that day on February 9 as he (Mr Daniel) was in his room eating noodles.

He told the court that, as he was scrolling through Facebook, he had asked Mr Daniel "did you hear what happened up the road?".

He said Mr Daniel told him "it was me" but that he did not take him seriously.

Ms Bell questioned Mr Blackman again, asking if he believed Mr Daniel, and he said no he did not.

Defence barrister Craig Eberhardt asked Mr Blackman why he lied earlier about who he told.

"You can't keep up with all the lies you've told," Mr Eberhardt said.

Mr Blackman said "yeah I can't" maintaining he had been pressured to tell all the lies.

A recorded interview of Mr Blackman's second interview with police was played in court where he can be heard laughing and joking with the two detectives.

Mr Blackman said he did not feel pressured then but that he felt trapped by his initial lie.

More to come.

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11am: LEVII Blackman has claimed police pressured him into giving a statement that his close friend William Daniel confessed to him about murdering Shandee Blackburn.

The 23 year old gave evidence this morning in the coronial inquest into Shandee's death that happened in February 2013.

Under questioning by Counsel Assisting the Coroner John Aberdeen Mr Blackman said his first statement to police "wasn't the truth".

"They (police) kept pushing me and pushing me to the point where I didn't even know where I was," Mr Blackman said this morning.

"The only time they left me alone is when I told the lies."

Photos are of Shandee, Shannah (older sister)Blackburn.

Photo contributed
Photos are of Shandee, Shannah (older sister)Blackburn. Photo contributed Peter Holt

The court heard Mr Blackman initially told police that just after midnight on February 9, 2013 he saw Mr Daniel and Norman Dorante walk towards him out of the dark as sirens were blaring in the background near Boddington St.

The court heard Mr Blackman told police he asked what had happened and Mr Daniel allegedly said "someone for murdered up there" and "I did it".

Mr Daniel has never been charged and denies any involvement in Shandee's death.

But Mr Blackman later backflipped on his first statement saying it did not happen, which he maintained today from the witness box.

"I cannot recall where I was... I honestly can't remember," he repeated as he was questioned by Mr Aberdeen about that night.

"I honestly don't know what I did that night.

"I would have been high... I would have got high and went to sleep."

He said he only told police about seeing Mr Daniel and Mr Dorante that night "because that's what they wanted".

Coroner David O'Connell asked Mr Blackman if anyone had pressured him to change what he told police including Mr Daniel, Mr Dorante or anyone else.

"He has not pressured me at all, not one bit," Mr Blackman said.

However, the court heard that later on February 9, 2013, before he spoke to police for the first time, Mr Blackman asked to speak with his mother privately and told her what Mr Daniel had told him about the murder on Boddington St. 

Mr Aberdeen told the court Mr Blackman had been upset and crying at the time.

Mr Blackman said he remembered speaking to his mother but that he wasn't crying.

"Why did you tell your mother that on Saturday, February 9," Mr Aberdeen asked.

"See at that stage based on what you've told us today this didn't happen at all... this conversation with William and Norman."

Mr Blackman told the court today he had seen Mr Daniel at some point on February 9 as he "was sitting there eating noodles".

Mr Blackman said something had come up on social media and asked "did you hear what happened down the road" to which Mr Daniel had said "it was me"

Mr Blackman said nothing else had been discussed and it was the "noodle conversation" that he had told his mother about.

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9am: A KEY witness in the supreme court murder trial against Shandee Blackburn's accused killer will be the first called to give evidence this morning at the inquest into her death.

In the 2017 trial, after which accused man John Peros was acquitted, the presiding justice made an unconventional move to call Levi Blackman to testify after the Crown refused to put him in the witness box.

Mackay woman Shandee Blackburn was murdered in 2013.
Mackay woman Shandee Blackburn was murdered in 2013. News Australia

This morning the inquest heard Mr Blackman had lived next door to William Daniel and Norman Dorante and had been sitting outside his house when he heard sirens coming from Boddington St just after midnight on February 9.

Mr Blackman had initially told police that Mr Daniel and Mr Dorante had walked towards him as the sirens were blaring in the background.

Mr Blackman asked, "What happened?"

The inquest heard Mr Blackman claimed that Mr Daniel said "someone was murdered up there" and "I did it".

Defence barrister Craig Eberhardt, who is representing John Peros who was charged and acquitted of Shandee's murder, has claimed that Mr Daniel should be a key suspect in the case. 

Mr Daniel has denied any involvement.

Counsel Assisting the Coroner John Aberdeen told the court Mr Blackman blackflipped on his earlier statement, later claiming he made the statement to please police.

Mr Aberdeen said Mr Blackman was also called to give evidence during a Crime and Corruption Commission investigation.

Mr Eberhardt said Mr Blackman was important because of the evidence he gave about what Mr Daniel and Mr Dorante were wearing that night.

Mr Eberhardt said Mr Blackman described Mr Daniel's clothing as a dark hoodie and dark trousers.

"This witness has made the most scandalous accusations against three police officers... that they bullied badgered and harassed him into giving his first statement," Mr Eberhardt said.

"In my submission if he repeats those allegations today... those police officers should be brought to answer those allegations."

The inquest into Shandee's death will examine a number of issues including what happened the night she died and identifying the unsafe areas around Mackay.

Yesterday the first six witnesses gave evidence.

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This included the only eye witness- taxi driver Jaspreet Pandher as well as Shandee's then boyfriend Arron Macklin and the man who found her fatally injured in the gutter.

More to come.