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David Hasselhoff sued

DAVID Hasselhoff is being sued for breach of contract.

The former 'Baywatch' actor is at the centre of a dispute with OWLS Media, who claim he promised to film a Berlin Wall documentary exclusively for them, but after completing work, he allegedly made a similar piece with the National Geographic Society.

OWLS Media's documentary used the 61-year-old star because of his popularity in Germany and the way his song 'Looking for Freedom' became the "anthem" of the Wall.

Documents obtained by RadarOnline.com stated: "[Hasselhoff] is a renowned musical artist and is particularly well-known . . . for his connection to the historic events related to the fall of the Berlin Wall."

They add the actor was used "for narration and interviews" in the documentary, which and also his current career and "fame in Germany."

The company's grievance is that despite making an exclusive agreement with them, Hasselhoff filmed a "superseding documentary almost identical in theme, scope and focus to the [OWLS Media's] documentary."

The National Geographic Society's film, which will air in the autumn, is allegedly "crushing Plaintiffs documentary and its economic well-being."

As a result, the filmmaking company are seeking punitive damages.