Bryce Greenham received a one-year suspended jail sentence in Maroochydore District Court on Friday.
Bryce Greenham received a one-year suspended jail sentence in Maroochydore District Court on Friday.

Daughter tries to save mum from dad’s attack

A five-year-old girl had to cover her younger brother's eyes as she watched her dad drag her mum across the yard while gripping her neck.

Bryce Lachlan Greenham, 32, was pressing his knees into his ex partner's chest while their daughter attempted to pull him off her.

Crown prosecutor Alex Stark told Maroochydore District Court Greenham's ex partner was dropping off their 5-year-old daughter for a visit on June 21, last year.

The court heard their daughter got upset and the victim knelt down to comfort her.

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"The defendant became angry, there was a verbal exchange between them," Mr Stark said.

"As a result, the defendant came over to her and knelt beside her (his ex partner) and said 'you know how you told me you wanted to knock my teeth out, well now I'm going to do that to you'."

The court heard Greenham then grabbed the victim by the neck with his right hand.

"She stood up and he rose with her while keeping his grip on her neck," Mr Stark said.

"He dragged her across the yard, pushed her to the ground and sat on top of her."

The court heard their daughter was covering her one-year-old brother's eyes so he couldn't see what was happening.

"Whilst sitting on the complainant, the defendant pushed his left hand into her face over her mouth and teeth with enough force to cause her lips and gums to bleed," Mr Stark said.

"He was kneeling on top of her, pressing his knees into her chest."

The court heard their daughter tried to pull him off the victim and it stopped when Greenham's partner intervened.



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Greenham pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court on Friday to assault occasioning bodily harm - domestic violence offence.

Barrister Simon Lewis said Greenham lost his temper on the day and snapped after a verbal argument.

He told the court Greenham's ex partner and his now wife had a good relationship and were the ones communicating so he could continue seeing his daughter.

"Everybody seems to be fully committed to the wellbeing of the children," Mr Lewis said.

The court heard in the victim's letter to the court she said she didn't want Greenham to serve a jail term.

The court heard Greenham spent 13 days in custody after the offence.

Judge Gary Long said it seemed Greenham's time in custody helped him realise how unacceptable his conduct was.

"The concern of course is the ugliness of it all, particularly in front of the young children," he said.

Mr Long said it seemed out of character for Greenham and he would treat it as "an emotional loss of control".

"They (the children) must have been disturbed by what was going on, with your daughter described as covering the eyes of her younger brother," he said.

Greenham was sentenced to one year jail, wholly suspended for two years after serving 13 days.

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