A lucky escape after a station wagon pulled out in front of a truck.
A lucky escape after a station wagon pulled out in front of a truck.

DASHCAM: 'Stop trying to save one or two seconds'

"STOP trying to save one or two more seconds, it might mean your life if you're cutting trucks off."

Those are the words that the trucking industry is trying to make other motorists realize and drive safely when around trucks.

Mitch Kelly of John Kelly and Sons at Wellcamp, near Toowoomba in Queensland, made the comments after the transport outfit shared shocking dashcam footage with 9 News.

The footage showed a station wagon pull out in front of a truck being driven by one of John Kelly and Sons' drivers on the corner of Toowoomba Road and the Gore Highway.


The station wagon driver appeared to have not looked to the left and didn't see the oncoming truck.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the crash.

9 News reported the truck was carrying vintage wine bottles worth half a million dollars and not one was scratched.
Queensland Police spokesman Tony Wren said people needed to be very careful when pulling out in front of heavy vehicles.

"They don't slow down or stop in a heartbeat," he said.

Mr Kelly praised the driver's actions.

"When it all sort of hit him how close it could have been to disaster he was quite upset. If it wasn't for his good operation of the vehicle it might have been a different story for him."