Darius Boyd has defended Ben Hunt.
Darius Boyd has defended Ben Hunt.

‘We are human beings’: Boyd disgusted with criticism of Hunt

BRISBANE captain Darius Boyd has defended his former teammate Ben Hunt, on the eve of the Broncos' elimination final against the Dragons.

The Broncos jumped the Dragons in the final round and will host a do or die final at Suncorp Stadium next Sunday.

However Boyd was left disgusted by the treatment of Hunt by fans and the media in the past few months, following the Dragons' struggles in the back half of the year.

"It's hard not to hear all the criticism, which is pretty disappointing," Boyd said in the Broncos' press conference, after their win over Manly.

"I don't want to go into it too much, but we are all human beings and we all play rugby league for the fun and the love of it.

"Some of the criticism he has got is pretty disappointing in my opinion."

The Dragons would have been hoping to host a final in the first week, but now are set for one of the toughest road trips in rugby league, in front of a packed house at Suncorp.

What is left for Ben Hunt? Picture by Brett Costello.
What is left for Ben Hunt? Picture by Brett Costello.

However Boyd was confident Hunt would handle the pressure of the occasion.

"I hope he has a good game," Boyd said.

"Not good where he beats us obviously, but good in his own right because he is a good fella and a good player and I think the criticism is pretty terrible to be honest."

Boyd backed Hunt to have a good game at his old stomping ground and knows the Broncos will have to be prepared for the Dragons' No.7.

"He's a quality player Benny and he played a lot of years here," Boyd said.

"He got the No.7 jersey for Queensland this year, which was fully warranted.

"We need to attack him in certain ways to try and tire him out and I'm sure we will go through a bit of a game plan this week, but Ben Hunt is a quality player and we have to watch out for him."