Brenton Brian Chettle was a friend of the man he tried to kill. Then two years later he broke a fellow inmate's jaw.
Brenton Brian Chettle was a friend of the man he tried to kill. Then two years later he broke a fellow inmate's jaw.

Dad's guts hang from stab wounds as he pleads for help

INTESTINES hanging from gaping wounds in his stomach and blood pouring out of his slashed throat, a Queensland father stumbled to his neighbour's doorstep trying to escape the violent ice-fuelled thug who was trying to "execute” him.

Brenton Brian Chettle was a friend of the man, and was spending the night in his home, when he dragged the victim from his bed and forced him at knifepoint into another room.

"Are you going to kill me?,” the victim asked as Chettle told him to kneel on the floor.

Fearing Chettle was about to "execute” him, the victim refused to kneel so Chettle drove the knife repeatedly into the man's stomach, forcing him to his knees.

He then pulled the victim's head back by the hair and sliced the man's throat, the Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Friday.

Chettle continued stabbing the victim until the man managed to crawl from a smashed window and onto his neighbour's doorstep.

The victim was on death's door when paramedics arrived, his guts hanging out and a massive amount of blood flowing from the wounds.

The man needed extensive surgery to save his life, the court heard.

Chettle had been taking methamphetamine for 11 or 12 days straight when he attacked the man at Morayfield in May of 2016.

The 26-year-old former Nambour resident pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday to one count of attempted murder and one of grievous bodily harm.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the attempted murder.

Chettle received a further three years in jail for a brutal 20-second assault on an unsuspecting prisoner in Woodford Correctional Centre, while on remand for the attack on the Morayfield man.

In the 2018 attack, Chettle walked up to a fellow inmate and smashed him in the head with his fists.

The inmate dropped to the ground.

Chettle repeatedly kicked him, breaking the victim's jaws in multiple places and knocking him unconscious.

Justice David Boddice said Chettle was prone to "wanton brutality” and this was evidenced by the defendant's long criminal history.

"The complainant had allowed you to stay in his home so you took a knife from his kitchen and told him you were going to kill him,” Justice Bodice said of the 2016 assault.

"This was a frenzied attack.

"Paramedics said he almost died, that he lost 1.5 litres of blood and needed two litres of packed red blood cells.”

Justice Boddice said the inmate Cheddle attacked needed surgery, stayed in hospital for three days, had ongoing issues with his jaw and lived in fear.

"It was sustained violence inflicted on the victms without warning,” Justice Boddice said.

"You had no remorse or concerns for your victims.”

With time served, Chettle will be eligible for parole on June 1, 2026.

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