Was it right for this mum to split the money between all her kids?
Was it right for this mum to split the money between all her kids?

Dad angry ex spends child maintenance on kids that aren't his

SHOULD one dad's maintenance money be used to treat all of his ex's children, even if they are not his?

That was the question dividing social media after a post revealed a mum-of-three had used cash from the father of one of her kids to treat all of them - and dad was not happy.

The post explained the woman had three children with three different dads, but only one man contributed to the upkeep of his child.

"Man gave the mother of his child £470 ($600) for school supplies & school clothes," the post said.

"But the man had found out that his baby mama had split the money three ways with her other two kids that are not his.

"The man had found out and confronted her about it, but she had explained her reasons that her other two baby daddies didn't give anything for their children, so it wouldn't be fair for one child to have nice things and others didn't."

The post sparked a debate, with one furious Twitter user arguing that once a mum receives the money, it's hers to do with as she pleases.

"Men who think like this are disgusting, always have the need to control everything,"she wrote.

"Money you give to your baby mum for your child is actually her money I dunno why that's hard to understand!!" (sic)

The original post is taken from the Instagram account The Shade Room (TSR), an online gossip account.

#TSRGreatDebatez: #Roommates, who was in the wrong?

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Twitter users were quick to point out that treating a child differently to their brothers and sisters is unfair.

"Those other children are that other child's siblings.

"A child cannot watch their siblings go without and struggle without it adversely affecting that child.

"Men and people who agree with this are so childish."

Prolific sex blogger Oloni also weighed in on the situation, dubbed 'The Single Mum Dilemma' arguing "she can't spoil one child and not take care of the others."


Others came to the dad's defence "Is it his fault they're siblings? Because idgi (I don't get it.)

"Who's he responsible for? The child he brought into the world or the children of other men?"

The male/ female divide between the tweeters was shocking, with the majority of women on the mum's side, and men on the dad's.

The general consensus among the dad supporters was that a father's money should be spent on what he intended it to be spent on, with one user declaring "It's not for her. It's for the child mate."

Other Twitter users pointed out that having three children with different fathers was quite a feat.

"Anyway contraception is important. Please try to avoid having more than one baby father."

Surprisingly, only a few pointed out the fault of the other children's fathers in the situation and suggested that they pull their weight.

Some pointed out that the man's child was hardly suffering in the situation.

One Twitter user pointed out "his child still got the uniform and school supplies what's the problem?"

This post originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission.