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‘Cut your c*** off’: Man’s vile threats to wrong number


A man who sent a barrage of grotesque threats via voice and text messages to the person he believed broke into his house has faced court after admitting to harassing the wrong person by mistake.

Appearing at Cleveland Magistrates Court yesterday Ryan Graham Hill, 40, pleaded guilty to using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence.

The court heard an infuriated Hill made multiple calls and sent 10 - 20 texts to a young man in Cairns on June 18 last year which included graphic threats:

"I've got a bullet for you, you retarded c***" and "I am going to cut your c*** off".


Ryan Hill leaves Cleveland Magistrates Court. Picture: Marcel Baum
Ryan Hill leaves Cleveland Magistrates Court. Picture: Marcel Baum


However, defence solicitor Lewis Hunter said the frightening messages were sent to the wrong number by mistake.

A police prosecutor said the Thorneside tiler claimed he had first been threatened by his victim, however recordings reviewed proved this false.

The court was further told when police inspected Hill's phone "it appeared to have been wiped".

Mr Hunter said his client had a "solid" working history and only dated criminal history.

Magistrate Deborah Vasta acknowledged the defendant had been "out of trouble" for six years but asked him to imagine what the stream of threats would have felt like to his victim.

The magistrate confirmed Hill had no connection with his victim and that he had indeed rung the wrong number.

Hill was placed on a $400 bond for 12 months with no conviction recorded.

Originally published as 'Cut your c*** off': Man's vile threats to wrong number