CROCS ON THE MOVE: At least 10 crocodiles were spotted in Wide Bay waters last year. This croc was captured at Mungar in 2013.
CROCS ON THE MOVE: At least 10 crocodiles were spotted in Wide Bay waters last year. This croc was captured at Mungar in 2013. Boni Holmes

Crocs spotted in region during the last year

AT LEAST 10 crocodile sighting reports were logged with the environment department in Wide Bay waters last year.

These statistics were revealed in the annual Croc Watch report under the State Government's Queensland Crocodile Management Plan.

This time last year warning signs went up at one of Bundaberg's popular swimming spots after two reported sightings of a crocodile.

A Bundy grandma ate her words after she believed she rode an inflatable tube straight over the top of a crocodile in Bundaberg on January 2.

Shelley Chadwick, 52, was being towed on an inflatable tube, with two children Kallan, 11, and Jayden Barritt, 13, just after lunch when they all saw something in the water..

The first croc sighting at the time was reported about 9.30am on Christmas Eve, 2017, and the second on December 29, 2017 around the Sandy Hook ski clubhouse in the Burnett River.

"On both occasions the animal was seen swimming slowly, but was not behaving in an aggressive or otherwise dangerous manner,” a department of Environment and Science spokesman said.

"It is likely the reports refer to the same animal.”

Croc warning signs were placed at the Sandy Hook boat ramp following the first report.

"A night survey of the river on December 27 found no evidence of crocodile activity,” the spokesman said.

These were not the first sightings of a crocodile in the Burnett River.

The NewsMail reported a Bundaberg woman saw a 12-foot croc in the river near the Burnett Traffic Bridge in August 2016.

Another reported sighting last year resulted in warning signs being installed on the western side of Fraser Island.

In every case however, rangers were unable to find a crocodile at the location.

Last year, News Corp revealed turf wars between crocodiles in the far north was forcing saltwater crocodiles into southern waterways, resulting in more frequent encounters in the waters much further south than the accepted crocodile border at Gladstone's Boyne River.

The Croc Watch website states the department records and investigates all Queensland crocodile reports made by the public and, if the department determines a crocodile poses an unacceptable risk it is "targeted for removal from the wild and taken to a zoo or crocodile farm or, in some cases, humanely euthanased”.

Crocodile sightings can be reported to 1300 130 372.

Reported sightings

February 14: West coast of Fraser Island

March 12: Little Tuan Creek, Boonooroo

March 19: Little Tuan Creek, Boonooroo

March 21: Scarness, Hervey Bay

March 22: The Esplanade, Tin Can Bay

July 11: Fraser Island

July 12: Hervey Bay Marina

September 2: Sandy Hook area of Burnett River, Bundaberg

November 6: Mary River, Maryborough

November 8: Inskip Point, Rainbow Beach