Bundaberg shop owners are fighting back against shop lifters.
Bundaberg shop owners are fighting back against shop lifters.

Cracking down on stealing at shops

BUNDABERG shop owners are fighting back against shoplifters.

A spokeswoman from Bundaberg police said there had been a decrease seen in shop stealing offences.

“We have seen a slight decrease in shop steals, when you compare it with this time last year,” the spokeswoman said.

“Our results in terms of solved cases in the last week are definitely higher than usual too.”

Police said there were many reasons behind the positive results, including the community support that was received.

“We’re finding that shop owners are really diligent with their security now,” the spokeswoman said.

“A lot of businesses have now installed security cameras and we’re catching offenders by reviewing this footage and that has also deterred people from reoffending.

“But police are really proactive with their investigations too and members of the community sharing incidents on Facebook, the myPolice blog posts and articles in (NewsMail) have really helped too.”

Staff members from the Everfresh IGA on Woongarra St have placed signage up on the front doors of the store, with a warning to any customer intending to steal products from the premises.

“To maintain low prices, anyone captured on our HD CCTV system taking goods from this store without paying may have their picture published in the newspaper,” the sign reads.

“Everfresh food market has a zero-tolerance policy towards theft and all suspected incidents will be reported to police.”

The sign also references an article that was published in the NewsMail recently, after a man entered the supermarket and shoved two whole beef rib fillets down his pants.

He entered the store with a woman and the pair walked over to the meat section, placed the two fillets in a carry basket, walked to the milk aisle and selected three one litre bottles of milk, when the man placed the fillets down his pants.

The pair proceeded to pay for the milk and made no attempts to pay for the meat.