The damaged car that took place west of Eidsvold on Sunday afternoon.
The damaged car that took place west of Eidsvold on Sunday afternoon. Philippe Coquerand

Crackdown on road risks in Burnett region

POLICE are reminding drivers to pay close attention to the Fatal Five after a number of car crashes in the North Burnett.

The warning came after a single-vehicle crash took place west of Eidsvold at 1.45pm on Sunday.

The driver and passenger were not seriously injured but their vehicle was significantly damaged.

Eidsvold police Senior Constable Justin Staples said with school holidays coming up, police will be cracking down on risky behaviour.

"It's a timely warning for drivers that they have to be careful when they're in a vehicle," Snr Const Staples said.

"Drivers have to understand the Fatal Five, which is speeding, drink and drug-driving, failure to wear a seat belt, driver fatigue and distraction.

"We see far too many accidents take place and it's important that drivers are aware that it is dangerous and you need to be careful."

According to the Queensland Police Service website, distraction is one of the main causes of road crashes and accounts for one in four incidents.

The Fatal Five was created as a way of reducing road accidents by highlighting the top five factors that contribute to it.

Operation Cold Snap will be launched from June 23 to July 14, with police maintaining a highly visible presence on the highways.