Sharleen Erin Behrendorff appeared in court for breaching a DV order and assaulting a man.
Sharleen Erin Behrendorff appeared in court for breaching a DV order and assaulting a man. Facebook

COURT: Drunk woman lunged at man with knives

A DRUNK and abusive Sharleen Erin Behrendorff lunged at her partner while armed with two knives, one a 30cm bread knife.

The frightening details of the incident were read out in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court this week after Behrendorff pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm and two counts of contravention of a domestic violence order.

The court heard at 1.15pm on January 21, police received a call from the aggrieved man who stated he was in bed at his Coral Cove residence when he was verbally abused by the 35-year-old mother of three.

"He stated the defendant drinks heavily and had consumed home-brewed beer that evening,” Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Grant Klassen said. "The defendant was yelling abuse at him, calling him things like a 'f---ing c---'.

Before officers arrived at the home, Behrendorff had run from the scene.

She later returned.

It was then, about 3am, officers caught up with Behrendorff and were told by the man how she had "lunged” at him with two knives.

Snr Const Klassen said the aggrieved told Behrendorff (pictured) to leave and locked himself in the bedroom but opened it again after she continued to kick at the door.

"As he opened the door the defendant lunged at him with two knives, one of which was a kitchen bread knife, approximately 30cm long,” he said.

"He slammed the door shut with the knife caught between the door.

"He told the defendant he wanted to go to bed and when he lay on the bed, the aggrieved then started throwing cups of water on him.”

The court was told Behrendorff had three previous entries in her criminal history.

Defence Lawyer Lavonda Maloy said her client had a "toxic” relationship with her partner and the abusive behaviour was on "both sides”.

She said Behrendorff was taking appropriate steps to fix her behaviour.

"My client comes before the courts fully acknowledging that she has an alcohol-abuse issue,” Ms Maloy said.

"She knew it was becoming a concern and since the charges, she instructs that she has in fact stopped drinking.

"She realises the impact of her alcohol abuse is having on her family, particularly her young children.”

Magistrate Belinda Merrin sentenced Behrendorff to 11 months imprisonment.

She was released on immediate parole.