Queensland businessman and former politician  Clive Palmer. Picture: AAP/Jeremy Piper
Queensland businessman and former politician Clive Palmer. Picture: AAP/Jeremy Piper

Palmer reveals bizarre boxing glove ‘threat’

CLIVE Palmer has sensationally claimed a federal MP mailed him a single boxing glove as a threat after he refused to sell his $6 million Gold Coast property to the politician's evangelical church for $1.

The Queensland billionaire says the boxing glove "threat" by Fadden MP Stuart Robert was part of a wider government plot to destroy him which stretched as high as the Prime Minister's office.

The extraordinary allegations were filed in court documents in the Brisbane Supreme Court where Palmer is fighting to have criminal charges brought against him by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission thrown out.

Mr Palmer claims the charges laid against him and his company Palmer Leisure Coolum last year relating to a failed takeover bid in 2012 are an abuse of process and designed to foil his political aspirations.

In the documents, Mr Palmer, a former federal MP, claims his perceived role in the ALP'S 2015 Queensland election victory, his refusal to support Malcolm Turnbull's NBN plans and his role in having a senate inquiry launched into the affairs of the then state LNP government in 2014 made him a target of the LNP, who want to "destroy" him.

Mr Palmer claims he was also personally targeted by Mr Robert in 2013 and 2014.

Fadden MP Stuart Robert in parliament. Picture: Gary Ramage
Fadden MP Stuart Robert in parliament. Picture: Gary Ramage

He says the MP repeatedly requested he sell a $6 million parcel of land he owned at the Gold Coast to the politician's church, of which Prime Minister Scott Morrison is also a member, for $1.

"Shortly after one occasion that Mr Palmer declined Mr Robert's request, a boxing glove was delivered in a box from Mr Robert's Gold Coast electoral office to Mr Palmer's office … clearly evincing a threat to (Mr) Palmer if he did not agree to Mr Robert's request," the documents read.

Mr Palmer also claims Mr Robert told a solicitor there was a whiteboard in Canberra on which the Commonwealth Government was plotting ways to "get" him and that would "destroy" the billionaire.

A spokesman for Mr Robert slammed the allegations saying they were "ridiculous" and did not "warrant a response".

Mr Palmer, who has announced plans to run in the next federal election, said there had been a significant delay of almost six years in the charges being brought against him.

"By reason of the unreasonable delay in bringing the Commonwealth proceedings, Mr Palmer is subjected to … the risk of becoming ineligible to run or be elected as a candidate for a seat at the next federal election," the documents read.

"The dominant purpose for which LNP members have undertaken the matters described is to secure an electoral advantage for LNP members and or to inflict political damage upon Mr Palmer."