Katrina and Drew at Pleystowe Mill Estate after the nuptials
Katrina and Drew at Pleystowe Mill Estate after the nuptials Jennifer Treloar

Couple married later in life find true happiness

When Drew and Katrina McGilchrist arranged their first date outside of Baker's Delight in 2015, neither of them imagined that it would be the start of a lifelong partnership.

But two years later the couple joined hands in front of 60 friends and family in a private traditional ceremony on the banks of the Pioneer River at Pleystowe Mill Estate.

Drew, who lives and works on-site at Pleystowe Mill with Katrina, said that wasn't the only reason they decided to utilise the property.

"The main reason for the location was that it was nice and private, it had a beautiful backdrop overlooking the river, right behind the mill on a nice green flat area.

"It was a beautiful backdrop with pelicans swimming by, and we even had a platypus turn up the day before but all the noise on the day might have scared him off because he didn't turn up," he said.

Drew said that it was like a fairytale to see Katrina walking down the aisle.

"It was a bit overwhelming, you never think that you would be doing that because we are a bit older, but it was a really big highlight of my life, I have to say, finding the right person. It was definitely like a dream. For both of us, we are living our dream to be with that person" he admitted simply.

I have to say, finding the right person. It was definitely like a dream. For both of us, we are living our dream to be with that person,"

Overall Drew thinks that getting married has really completed the couples life.

"You feel like you've taken another step in a great direction and building on another life. It's been really good," he said.

Katrina and Drew had about 60 people attend their wedding and guest travelled from as far as New Zealand and Perth.

"Most of my family are on the Sunshine Coast, but Katrina's family are mostly local. A lot of my family and friends are strung out all over the countryside, so it was good to get everyone together," he remembers.

"My nieces came from New Zealand, and my nephews came from Perth and I had an uncle come from Sydney," he said.

There were two special guests that made the journey t for Drew.

"Two of my mates Andrew and Gaven from the university came up, and we don't get to see each other very often because we always have different holidays. They came up from down Toowoomba way, and I really liked catching up with them again after so long," he said.

For Drew, his wedding day was a bit of blur, but he thinks the best part of the day was seeing his bride.

"The best part I enjoyed was seeing Katrina come in on the horse-drawn carriage and then come up to the end of the aisle with the Clydesdale pulling the carriage down the ramp through the river crossing," he said.

He was speechless at that moment.

"My first thought was 'Wow'. She looked just stunning and the horse-drawn carriage just gave it that beautiful old world look. She had her little flower girl there with her and her father and she dismounted at the end of a long aisle of red carpet. That was another highlight was seeing her coming towards me with a huge smile on her face," he said.

The couple were joined at the aisle by an unusual guest.

"We didn't have a bridal party or groomsmen, Katrina had her cousins' daughter Isabelle Hayles as her flower girl, and I just had my border collie, Zoey," he laughed.

Zoey came to be involved in the wedding because of the part she has played in both of their lives since they came together a few years ago.

"She has been with us the whole time and we both said that we would like her to be there with us and when Katrina was ordering all the flower she asked if they could do a flower collar, and the florist said 'yea we do it all the time', so we got the flower collar and you can see that in the picture," he said.

It's funny because when Katrina and I first started going out, Zoey used to travel in the car with us all the time, so she sort of liked being the third child. She looks after both of us now. If one is home, she is waiting at the door for the other to get home," Drew said.

The couple also share a passion for antique hunting and make sure they visit an antique shop whenever they travel away.

"We always look and see if there are things we don't have, and if there is we usually take them home with us," he said.

Into the future, the couple is hoping to concentrate on their new lives together and are planning a holiday overseas for their belated honeymoon.

"We are thinking that maybe in March or April we may be able to get away, we are still debating on which direction to go. We have spoken about Canada and places like that. Katrina has travelled more than me and she said that you need to wait for the right time of the year to travel to Canada. So we will just see," he said.