Taking a hit at the on the Monto Golf Club. Picture: File
Taking a hit at the on the Monto Golf Club. Picture: File

Country golf club finds silver lining in pandemic

THERE has been a resurgence at Monto Golf Club as more and more social players take to the green to keep active during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Up to 24 people have been heading to the course each Saturday, including new members and those who normally play other sports which have been shut down during the virus crisis.

Monto Golf Club captain Leslie Irvine said the weekend hits had been successful due to all players adhering to the strict guidelines set out by the state and federal governments.

“There’s only two people playing at a time, and only one in a buggy unless you’re in the same household,” Irvine said.

“People are also hitting off 15 minutes apart, so that’s been helping everyone separate accordingly.”

For the month of April, the club has been running an unofficial coronavirus fixture, a tongue-in-cheek social comp created in reaction to the pandemic.

“We used to have social competitions on Thursday afternoons before this, starting around 3pm,” Irvine said.

“Now we have social play all day on Saturdays, so people can arrive and play whenever they want.

“You don’t have a heap of people at the club at the one time, that’s what we’re trying to discourage.”

Players pay $10 for a cart as it allows the club to still collect funds while their clubhouse is closed.

“We can’t sell alcohol at the moment due to the restrictions,” Irvine said.

“Those sales always held our club together.”

But she said the increase in new players at the club was one of the positive things to come out of the pandemic.

“We’ve seen some new younger members join up,” Irvine said.

“We also have a few footy players that have been coming back since there’s nothing on.”

Irvine and her fellow club members are just happy to still be able to hit the green each week.

“Hopefully we can keep the course open as long as we can while all other sporting clubs have shut,” she said.