Councils seek nearly $1 billion after floods

FLOOD-hit regional councils will find out in the coming weeks which of their projects will receive funding from the Newman government.

Community Recovery Minister David Crisafulli announced yesterday Ipswich's flood-ravaged One Mile Bridge was one of many projects put forward by Queensland councils for funding.

He said the councils had applied for nearly $1 billion worth of Betterment Fund projects proving the $80 million state and federal allocation fell short of demand.

More than 48 councils applied for a piece of the joint federal and state fund.

The majority of the projects focus on drainage systems, culverts and more resilient parking.

Mr Crisafulli vowed to continue lobbying the Federal Government and Opposition to raise the State Government's preferred $200 million funding pool.

"The strong interest from councils has confirmed what I expected, which is that they have been frustrated going through the motions replacing like-for-like only to see it washed away the next time it floods," he said.

He said councils wanted flood-affected areas built "better and stronger" rather than replacing council assets destroyed by natural disasters.

"While you will never completely flood-proof a state as big and diverse as Queensland, I know that stronger assets this time around will ensure the recovery bill will be reduced the next time disaster strikes.

"There will literally be hundreds of projects across Queensland.

The high interest that we have had from councils shows that they are hungry and don't want to go through the motions."