Cr Ross Sommerfeld.
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Councillors overrule recommendation to approve subdivision

BUNDABERG Regional councillors have gone against the advice of planning officers, by voting to reconfigure a Bucca lot into three.

The Bucca Rd property is in a rural zone and on agricultural land.

Cr Ross Sommerfeld rebutted the officers' advice in a lengthy speech during Tuesday's council meeting, and explained why the 39 hectare property should be divided into three lots.

The size of the lots were diverse, ranging from 2.85 ha to 19.43 ha.

He had checked the land, and said that even though the land technically was classed as A-grade agricultural land, it was not commercially viable.

The land was previously used for growing pineapples but has not been used for agriculture since 2003.

The nearest community was South Kolan, which was 11 kilometres away.

"What we are creating here is only two additional blocks," Cr Sommerfeld said.

"I can't see the justification of why it can't be allowed."

He said there were appropriate evacuation routes to maintain community safety, and it was not on land that is likely to be needed for urban expansion from other projects.

His motion was seconded by Cr Wayne Honor, and all the councillors voted in support of the motion.

Planners advised against the change because the change conflicted with the council's planning scheme through four separate codes.

"There is no demonstrated and justified need for additional rural residential lots to occur within this area given the substantial capacity of nearby rural residential zoned land," a report said in the council minutes.

"The applicant has not demonstrated planning or economic need for the proposed development in the location, given the availability of appropriately zoned land elsewhere in the nearby surrounding areas."