LIFE'S A BEACH: Nielsen Park Bargara. Photo: File.
LIFE'S A BEACH: Nielsen Park Bargara. Photo: File.

Council votes on ‘trigger approach’ for local beaches

HOW coastal challenges are managed by Bundaberg Regional Council was brought into focus at the recent ordinary meeting.

Local councillors voted to adopt the Bundaberg Region Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy after Councillor Bill Trevor moved a motion at the meeting.

It was a recommendation that the council adopt the Bundaberg Region Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan and release it to the public.

Cr Trevor also moved that the council respond to public submissions to the draft coastal hazard adaptation strategy, and provide a response and copy of the consultation report to each person who made a submission; and provide all technical reports referred to in this report to the QCoast 2100 program and following their acceptance release it to the public as supporting information.

The motion was seconded by Councillor Greg Barnes and carried unanimously.

In the meeting, Cr Trevor said it gave him great pride to present the report to the council.

"Some two years ago the state made available in excess of half a million dollars to coastal councils across Queensland to look at sea level rise, erosion and a whole range of other things, tropic cyclones, that can effect our coast areas," he said.

"Now as we all know, we have a number of beach areas across our coastal area that have been effected by erosion and different things; so it was a good opportunity to prepare some engineering reports to have a look at the likely impacts going forward, over the next 50 years or more."

He said a reference group with people who lived in the area, across the foreshores, was formed to come together with the engineering staff.

Cr Trevor said the final report was based on a "trigger approach".

"So we will do nothing until something occurs, it's not a time based approach," he said.

"It's been out to the public for consultation, there has been countless hours over the last two years - and I commend out staff for the effort that they put into it, I commend the reference group for the voluntary hours they put into it as representatives of their communities.

"This will give us the opportunity when something happens, without having to go back to the state for every little thing, we have this report in place, it allows us to go and do what has been designed in the report to make our beaches safe and keep them in the pristine condition that many of them are now."

Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey supported Cr Trevor's comments on the reference group, stating they did a "magnificent job" and was regarded as one of the most well-attended reference groups that had this opportunity across the state.

He said Bundaberg was the second council in Queensland to get its application and processes in place.

The next Bundaberg Regional Council ordinary meeting is scheduled for October 27.




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