TOGETHER AGAIN: Jourdain Owen with Ruby and Crystal after their big adventure.
TOGETHER AGAIN: Jourdain Owen with Ruby and Crystal after their big adventure. Contributed

Council reunites Bargara owners with wandering dogs

WHEN Phillip Owen realised his beloved pooches Ruby and Crystal had escaped from their yard, the hunt was on.

The Bargara resident said he and his family searched high and low in the beachside community when the incident occurred recently but found no sign of their Border Collie and Shih Tzu cross.

"Ruby, our six-year-old Border Collie and her sidekick Crystal, our four-year-old Shih Tzu, had escaped from the yard because the gate had accidentally come ajar,” he said.

"We drove around and looked everywhere but just couldn't find them.

"It came to night time when the kids started to get quite upset by it, and me, well I was annoyed because it wasn't the first time the dogs have made the great escape.”

Thankfully, the Owen family didn't have to fret much longer because by about 10.30pm they received a phone call that put their minds at ease.

"I got a call from one of council's animal control officers to say he had Ruby and Crystal and was able to return them to us,” Mr Owen said.

"It was fantastic ... we were so thankful.”

Mr Owen said he believed the reason both dogs were able to be safely and easily returned was because they were microchipped and registered.

"We have always kept up to date with those sorts of things and it really does help, especially if you have dogs prone to getting out of the yard,” he said.

"Ruby and Crystal have escaped a few times and they have always been brought back to us.”

Bundaberg Regional Council's Animal Control portfolio spokesperson Cr Scott Rowleson said the outcome was a fantastic one for the Owen family.

"I can imagine they would have had a very sleepless night worried about their pets if Bundaberg Regional Council's Animal Control officers hadn't been able to locate Ruby and Crystal,” he said.

"It was a happy ending to a worrisome situation and also a good reminder to the community as to why it is so important to register your pets.”

Cr Rowleson said dog registration was a Queensland Government legislation and compulsory for all dog owners.

To find out more about how to register your pets, go to the Bundaberg Regional Council website.