WET CONDITONS: Up to 200mm is predicted to fall in the region this week.
WET CONDITONS: Up to 200mm is predicted to fall in the region this week. Paul Donaldson BUN101216WET1

Council monitoring rainfall from Cyclone Debbie

FORECASTS of heavy rainfall for later this week have prompted Bundaberg Regional Council to keep a close eye on the weather.

With Cyclone Debbie lashing North Queensland, Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey said the council had been monitoring forecasts and the potential for higher rainfall totals since Saturday in Bundaberg.

"As a normal part of Queensland's Disaster Management Arrangements, we have been participating in state-wide teleconferences with BOM and State Disaster Co-ordination Centre over the last few days to ensure we have the latest, most reliable data on the situation: this activity will continue over coming days as we stay well-abreast of any emerging situations," he said.

"As information that is relevant to the community comes to hand, we will provide this information to the community via multiple methods.

Bundaberg is predicted to experience heavy falls around the region, with the potential to receive up to 200mm by the end of the week.

"At this stage, computer models suggest the heaviest falls will be coastal, but there will also be some heavy falls further inland," Cr Dempsey said.

"It is too early at this stage to be certain whether the heaviest rainfall will be wide-spread enough to cause problems.

"The extensive network of river and rain gauges that we have in place ensures we and BOM receive accurate and reliable data with regard to rainfall once it starts to occur."

Cr Dempsey said it was too soon to say if flooding would be a concern.

"It is too early to speculate about how much rain will fall and whether that rainfall will cause river level rises in the Wide Bay-Burnett,"he said.  

"We are alert to the possibility of heavy rainfall and will continue monitoring official forecasts over the coming days, and then as the rain starts falling our extensive network of rain gauges will provide accurate and reliable data about how much rain has fallen and where it has fallen."

Cr Dempsey said warnings would be updated regularly and urged the community to be prepared to act on advice and warnings that were provided.

"Be alert, not alarmed and remember, if it's flooded forget it," he said.

"Please take care on the roads."


QUICK SHOWER: Short but pleasing rain fell in the Bundaberg Region today.
SOAKED: Bundaberg is in for some rain this week. Paul Donaldson BUN080217RAIN1