Moorhouse is due to be sentenced today Picture: Dylan Robinson
Moorhouse is due to be sentenced today Picture: Dylan Robinson

Corporate manager hides cameras inside toilets

A SENIOR manager for a global property management company admitted to secretly filming thousands of people in toilets at two of Sydney's busiest train stations and the state's busiest shopping mall.

NSW operations manager for Brookfield, Benjamin Moorhouse, 40, is due to be sentenced at Parramatta Local Court for filming thousands of people using unisex and disabled toilets at North Sydney and Parramatta train stations and Parramatta Westfield between February and March this year.

When arrested by police Moorhouse said, "I could have filmed thousands, if people knew they would be disgusted. I need help."

As NSW operations manager for Brookfield, Moorhouse managed the property needs of significant clients including NSW Police which had a contract with his company.

The married father of two from Parramatta has pleaded guilty to three counts of filming people in a private act to obtain sexual arousal, three counts of install a device to film and producing child abuse material.

The police facts reveal Moorhouse placed the cameras in toilets at stations which were on his daily commute from his home at Parramatta to his office at North Sydney.

He was caught after a man spotted the hidden recording device stuck to a porcelain sink inside a unisex toilet at North Sydney on February 10.

The facts state the man handed the device into train staff who contacted police.

"Police seized the recording device and located a small micro storage card attached to the motherboard of the device," the facts state.

"Police viewed the video files on this micro storage card that revealed a total of 29 members of the public being filmed engaging in a private act.

"These recording show members of the public, including schoolchildren in uniform, using the toilet."

A second hidden camera was found by cleaning staff in a unisex toilet at Parramatta station on February 14.

Officers found this second device showed 96 people using the toilet.

The facts state that Moorhouse was identified as a suspect after police used CCTV footage and Opal card records to place him at North Sydney station before and after the first camera found was installed.

Bank records also showed he had purchased identical recording devices to those found at the train stations.

On March 22 police went to Moorhouse's Parramatta home with a search warrant and he was arrested.

Officers searched Moorhouse's backpack and found a hidden camera, a hard drive and two remote controls that activated motion sensors in the camera.

The police facts state that while Moorhouse was being questioned at the police station the accused stated "I know what you're talking about. It's my camera. I've put them inside the bathrooms at the station. I know it's an offence."

He also said, "I did it. I don't know why I do it. I need help."

Police asked the accused if he receives sexual gratification when watching the footage to which he stated "I do"

Moorhouse also admitted to installing a hidden device in a disabled toilet at Westfield Parramatta on March 17 and collecting it three days later. During those three days hundreds of people had been filmed.

"Police estimate that over several hundred people have been filmed without their consent at North Sydney and Parramatta stations and Westfield," the facts state.

"During the extensive investigation police have been able to identify several victims however the majority of victims are still unknown to police."

Moorhouse told police that he had no intention of filming children and deleted all footage of children because he gained no sexual gratification from them.