Conditions to worsen: Fire ban is extended

BUNDABERG'S fire ban has been extended once again with conditions expected to worsen in the coming days.

Not only has the ban been extended, but worsening weather conditions have raised the fire danger rating back up to "very high".

Rural Fire Service's Bundaberg Area Director Bruce Thompson said the ban was in the process of being extended yet again due to worsening conditions.

"We're just asking people to remain vigilant, remain on-the-ball," he said.

The current drought compounds the fire service's problems, a lack of water leaves the fire service with few options.

"There's a lot of gulleys, creeks and dams that usually hold water - they're drying out or dry," Mr Thompson said.

While he recognised chemical-based suppressants exist to fight fires, he said there was a stigma around their use and a debate over whether they negatively impacted people's health.

"We don't have the water anymore - that's an added level of difficulty," he said.

While Mr Thompson said Bundaberg wasn't in dire straits, he called for the community to remain vigilant and most of all, "pray for rain".

Bundaberg can expect to see south-westerly winds to swing back around and blow up to 25km/h today, with temperatures climbing back up to around 30 degrees for the rest of the weekend.