Elton John
Elton John

Concert review: Elton John

AT 65, he may be approaching retirement age, but Elton John has lost none of his wit and playfulness.

If a support act he proudly introduced from the screens - his own two-cellist string section playing unlikely covers from Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal to ACDC's Highway to Hell - wasn't enough proof, opening with the swinging, self-referencing The Bitch Is Back was a nicely sharp touch.

Despite sounding a little hoarse when he spoke and veering into a harsh bellow when he sang, his voice was often in better condition than you might expect.

Sure, he struggled with the high notes of Tiny Dancer and Bennie and the Jets.

But if you were prepared to forgive that, as were most in the packed audience delighted just to hear one of the world's most famous pop stars singing his genuinely classic songs, there wasn't much else you could fault.


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