CREEK POLLUTION: Glenn Rumsey and Indi Rumsey at Queens Park.
CREEK POLLUTION: Glenn Rumsey and Indi Rumsey at Queens Park.

Concerns raised about ‘disgusting’ water at Queens Park

DETAILING scenes of tilapia belly up and a smell that was “absolutely rotten”, Burnett River Clean’s Glenn Rumsey has raised concerns about the water quality at the causeways in Queens Park.

Visiting the scene yesterday, he said the water colour wasn’t right for that area and when he disturbed the bed, a pitch black substance rose to the surface.

Mr Rumsey said for tilapia to be dead, the water had to have issues and should be checked.

Flowing out into the Burnett River, where crab pots were set nearby, he said it wasn’t fair to commercial fishers if there was something toxic in the water.

“It’s disgusting,” he said.

Mr Rumsey said he wants to see the water tested.

“Whatever comes out of it won’t be good,” he said.

Mr Rumsey’s concerns with the river aren’t new, having pulled everything from plastic bottles to gas bottles, a shotgun and countless needles from the water and riverbanks.

After months trying to advocate for more to be done about dumping alongside the river in Bundaberg, he started a GoFundMe for his own river cleaning efforts.

CREEK POLLUTION: Glenn Rumsey and Indi Rumsey at Queens Park.
CREEK POLLUTION: Glenn Rumsey and Indi Rumsey at Queens Park.

Now he has met with Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett to highlight the issues at Queens Park.

“Serious issues of pollution, introduced pest species like tilapia and rubbish in the Burnett River catchment have been raised with me several times and what we are seeing in creeks at Queens Park and along the banks of the Burnett River is extremely shocking,” Mr Bennett said.

“Some of the items I saw just yesterday include used syringes, plastic bottles, drums, tyres, mattresses and old crab pots.

“I have some serious concerns about our local environment, particularly water quality, after visiting the creeks at Queens Park and Norville Park.”

Mr Bennett said he had reported the problem to the Queensland Government’s Pollution Hotline for investigation and testing.

A Bundaberg Regional Council spokesman said illegal dumping was irresponsible and potentially harmful to the environment.

“Council received State Government funding last year to investigate incidents and enforce compliance,” the spokesman said.

“Council has responded to recent concerns about the creek at Queens Park.

“Mosquito spraying has taken place and council’s Roads and Drainage team are working on it.”

The council spokesman said anyone who saw illegal dumping across the region, or issues with creeks and waterways in the council parks should phone the council hotline on 1300 883 699 or use the mobile app Snap Send Solve.

Mr Bennett said the State Government needed to do more to clean up the Burnett River.

“I’m calling on the State Government to provide some urgent and serious funding for surveillance, monitoring and clean ups,” he said.

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