Tattoo artist Jeffrey Robinson has been overwhelmed by the number of bad tattoos sent to him.
Tattoo artist Jeffrey Robinson has been overwhelmed by the number of bad tattoos sent to him. Contributed

The Coast's worst tattoos: Hundreds vie for free fix

A SMALL competition to promote the opening of his tattoo studio has turned into something much more overwhelming for Tewantin tattoo artist Jeffrey Robinson.

"I opened my new studio a few weeks ago and was trying to find a way to let people know about it," he said.

"I see a lot of really bad tattoos and thought people needed help so I launched a competition to help some people get their dodgy work fixed and spread the word about the new studio."


Mr Robinson said at first he didn't get many responses but then the whole thing just snowballed "out of control".

"I launched the competition last week and for the first week maybe one person entered but since the start of this week I've received over 200 messages on Facebook which is pretty crazy.

"I'm getting a bit dizzy just looking at them.

"I wasn't expecting that kind of response."

Mr Robinson said he was slowly getting through all of the entries in the competition, which closed on Friday, and the winner who received the most Facebook likes would be announced on October 14.

He said some of the entrants were definitely in need of his help.

"Some of the messages I've been sent and why people want their tattoos to be changed are really sad stories about tattoos that have bad meanings," he said.

Mr Robinson said most of them had been done when the person was either too young or too drunk.

"Based on most of the messages that have been sent in people are saying 'I was drunk and someone had a gun so I said yeah' or 'we were drunk so I thought it was a good idea'. How can that ever be a good idea though," he said.

The experienced tattoo artist said the winner of the competition would receive a free full day of tattooing to cover up their terrible tattoo.

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