The Bundaberg region boasts some amazing teachers and our students definitely benefit.
The Bundaberg region boasts some amazing teachers and our students definitely benefit.

Community praises our teachers for hard work and dedication

WHERE would we be without the support and hard work of our teachers?

When the NewsMail put out a call for the region's most beloved teachers we were inundated with literally hundreds of nominations.

Here at the NewsMail we see the impact teachers make and we'd love to focus on all teachers, but with hundreds of names mentioned, we've chosen a handful with the highest number of votes from a poll on our website.

The poll listed 200 names, and even more poured in when we told locals they could email in their nominations as well.

Gin Gin State High School's deputy principal Paul Craven received a high number of votes, however, he was not able to comment.

Also highly nominated were St Luke's Anglican School teachers Kane Kersnovske and Jade Wendt.

Kane Kersnovske.
Kane Kersnovske. Contributed

While Mr Kersnovske primarily teaches PE and maths, Mrs Wendt is a Prep teacher.

Mr Kersnovske said he started at St Luke's in 2018.

He's recently added careers and academic welfare to his responsibilities.

It's something he loves doing.

"It's not so much seeing the high flyers do well, but seeing the people that might get Cs and Ds and then they get up around the B area and exceed expectations," he said.

When it comes to sports, whether it be netball, rowing, tennis or even taking into account e-sports, Mr Kersnovske said there was something to cater to all abilities.

Mr Kersnovske said he'd been fortunate enough to have many good mentors over the years who had inspired him to get into teaching.

"I appreciate the kind words," he said of those who nominated him as their favourite teacher.

"These days there's so much negativity going on and it's refreshing to hear positive comments - it means I have done my job."

Mr Kersnovske said the school worked hand in hand with the community and as the second term approached he had some advice for students.

"Have a positive outlook in term two, go in there with your chin up and and ready to go again."

Jade Wendt.
Jade Wendt.

Prep teacher Mrs Wendt has been teaching our littlest learners for 15 years.

She describes their first year as the most exciting.

"It's the year children change so dramatically and learn to love studying."

She described it as "an honour" to be there with children in such a significant time.

"It's lovely to feel you have had an impact on little people," she said.

Mrs Wendt said she didn't do her job for public recognition, but just to love doing what she does.

She said the school, parents and children all worked together as a team.

Mrs Wendt said she has already seen some of her Preps graduate, something she describes as a "really special moment".

The school, she says, is a "really lovely community".

Also highly rated were Bill Purnell-Webb and Cherie Visona.

As for local feedback, NewsMail Facebook liker Steve Leese said it best.

"Teachers and all school staff at all schools deserve thanks, praise and respect," he said.