COOL CHANGE: Georgia Haupt snapped this photo of the moon rising on 35mm film out at South Kolan.
COOL CHANGE: Georgia Haupt snapped this photo of the moon rising on 35mm film out at South Kolan.

Colder weather on the horizon for Bundy

GIVEN the current state of the world, whereby the majority of residents are staying home amid a pandemic, you’d be forgiven for losing track of time.

But with this weekend’s forecast it’s clear that winter is coming.

A cool change and a slight chance of rain is predicted to be felt across the region this weekend as a surface trough coming up from the nation’s south.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Rosa Hoff said Bundaberg was in for a slight chance of rain throughout the week before the temperature drops later this week.

Ms Hoff said the chance of showers was picking up from today, with the best chance of rain on Thursday.

However, BoM is only forecasting a small total, generally less than 2mm.

She said with the cold air from the surface trough, the region would feel a temperature drop, which would be most notable on Friday when the maximum temperature is set to fall 5 degrees.

Ms Hoff said on Thursday the mercury was set to climb to 29 degrees and only 24 degrees on Friday.

While the bureau has forecast temperatures between 10 and 23 degrees on Saturday, Ms Hoff said the minimum temperatures would predominantly be felt by those close to the coast.

For the majority of the region, she said it would be the change in maximum temperatures that would be felt.

Last year the average maximum temperature in Bundaberg was 28.4 degrees for the month of April.

While the temperature throughout the Bundaberg region generally sits around the high-20s and low-30s, there have been times when the mercury has dropped to single digits.

The lowest daily minimum temperature recorded by the bureau in April in Bundaberg was 8.3 degrees in 1966, while the region’s lowest temperature is 0.8 degrees which was recorded on July 18, 1963.