Surgeon says country women have cosmetic surgery on coast to recover in privacy.
Surgeon says country women have cosmetic surgery on coast to recover in privacy. Morgan David de Lossy

Boob rush! Mining women hit Gold Coast for nip and tuck

WOMEN from Queensland's mining-rich towns are flocking to the Gold Coast for breast implants, tummy tucks and liposuction with one surgeon suggesting it helps them avoid the glare of having the work done in their local community.

The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery chief censor and Gold Coast surgeon Dr John Flynn said Central Queensland towns, including Mackay and Rockhampton, had access to cosmetic surgeons nearby but were travelling for the invasive procedures.

"We have quite a number of people come down from mining areas to have their procedures done," he said.

"In a small environment, it's often better to have it done out of town to recover in private.

"You know what it's like in country towns, everybody knows everybody."

Dr Flynn said while these groups did not make up the majority of his clients they were a "significant amount" and that figure was growing.

He said patients from "Mount Isa, Central Queensland and the coalfields" would have botox or fillers - an injection to plump up the face - while on holiday.

Although invasive surgeries including liposuction and breast augmentation remain popular, the ACCS suggests there is a trend towards less invasive procedures, including botox to fix up facial wrinkles.

Up to 250,000 Australians are estimated to have spent $300 million in the past year on the injections, with some clinics reporting a 30% growth in their popularity.

According to the ACCS, surgeons are inundated at this time of year as clients look to surgery for a wrinkle reduction ahead of the Melbourne Cup and Christmas party seasons.

Others will undergo breast procedures in the final months of the year in an effort to be recovered and bikini ready by January.

The ACCS estimates Aussies spent up to $1 billion on cosmetic work in the past 12 months with $300 million of that on botox-type procedures.


What Australia's love of cosmetic surgery for one year by the numbers:

300 - The millions spent on botox-type "wrinkle reductions".

250 - The thousands of botox-type procedures performed.

10 - The thousands spent per breast implant operation

8 - The thousands of breast implant operations performed.

1 - The billions of dollars spent on cosmetic surgery.