PARTY: Ian Witt and major sponsor Neil McPhillips (Infants Friend Pty Ltd).
PARTY: Ian Witt and major sponsor Neil McPhillips (Infants Friend Pty Ltd). Mike Knott

Club Bargara sets record straight on fireworks celebration

CLUB Bargara has set the record straight about their New Year's Eve event in the wake of complaints and misconceptions coming from the community.

Club manager Ian Witt said they were putting the event on for Bargara, not to make money.

"People are making up their own ideas about what is happening but the reason we are holding this event is for a community festival," Mr Witt said.

"We are not making money from it we just want to bring Bargara together.

"The event has cost a lot of money, it is not something we will make back on the day and we don't want to cop flack for holding fireworks."

Despite the fireworks going ahead Mr Witt said a lot of effort was going into helping the Royal Fire Service on the night.

"We have the fire brigade on board raising money and they will have a fire truck here so they will be on the scene anyway in case something goes wrong, we are also fully irrigated so are safe if something bad happens," he said.

"We will have a donation bucket near the bar and in other areas and rural firefighters will be walking around taking donations.

"We are also not charging food vans to come, instead we are asking them to make a donation to the rural firefighters."

Mr Witt said he was stressed about the night but he hoped it would be worth it in the end.

"There will be free activities, other rides like the merry-go-round will be $2 and rides like the bucking bull and laser tag will be $5," he said.

"I am looking forward to it being over, it has been a lot of stress and hard work for the past few months with the permits and hoops you have to jump through.

"It is our first year so there were lots of things we didn't realise, but hopefully it goes well so it can be held annually for Bargara."

What's on:


What: New Year's Eve Party
Time: 8pm to 12.30pm, with fireworks at 8.30pm and 12am
Where: Club Bargara

Gin Gin

What: New Year's Eve Party
Time: 5pm to 1am, with fireworks at 9pm and 12am
Where: Gin Gin Football Club