United Australia Party (UAP) leader Clive Palmer.
United Australia Party (UAP) leader Clive Palmer.

Outrage at Palmer’s text ‘hypocrisy’

CLIVE Palmer has unleashed a fresh round of political text messages on unsuspecting Aussies today - ironically promising to ban unsolicited text messages.

It's the second time this week the billionaire's United Australia Party has sent a text blast to Australians across the country.

The latest text, which has amused and annoyed Aussies from NSW to Western Australia, reads: "When elected, United Australia Party will ban unsolicited political text messages which Labor & Liberal have allowed."

Recipients have taken to Twitter and talk back radio to share their frustration, labelling the move "pathetic" and the "gall prize of the year":

The mass text was sent from a new number so anyone who had blocked the initial phone number would still receive it.

Mr Palmer defended the text messages earlier this week while vowing to send more after thousands of Australians complained about them.

"We'll be running text messages as we get closer to the election because it's a way of stimulating debate in our democracy," he said.

The texts are party of a multimillion-dollar election campaign Mr Palmer has been running across the country which includes billboards and television and radio advertising.

He announced last year he would be making another tilt at federal politics, renaming his party the United Australia Party.

Mr Palmer intends to run for the Townsville seat of Herbert in Queensland, where his Queensland Nickel refinery collapsed in 2016 with more than 800 job losses and $300 million in debts.