The Observer editor Meredith Papavasiliou.
The Observer editor Meredith Papavasiliou.

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IT'S quite incredible (and a little inspiring) what can be achieved when the right questions are asked and a little pressure is applied in a strategically measured way.

During the past month or so – through our reporters David Sparkes, Sam Darroch and Kelli Downey – The Observer has been campaigning, on behalf of our community, for a thorough and proper investigation into the mysterious spate of marine deaths in our beautiful harbour.

Today, we are an important step closer to getting some answers about these deaths.

Late yesterday reporter David Sparkes took a call from State Environment Minister Kate Jones, who stated she had ordered a full investigation into the deaths.

This was an important milestone and a tremendous step forward in The Observer's campaign to get some real answers about what was going on in our waterways.

However, as great an achievement (and as admirable an assertion) as this is, the next and even more important step will be the open and transparent dissemination of the findings and outcomes of the investigation.

The full report of these inquiries – detailing everything from the process and methodologies to the geographic bounds and other factors and parameters – needs to be made available (and understandable) for everyone to have access to.

Certainly, there are some key stakeholders who might want to view the information and filter as seen fit.

But, for this investigation to be fully effective, there needs to be complete and unhindered transparency.

Everyone in this region is a key stakeholder to the harbour area. Therefore everyone deserves clarity. Only when that's achieved, can we credit this investigation as having been appropriately handled.