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Chris Brown forced into drug test during custody hearing

CHRIS Brown was subjected to a drug test in court.

The 26-year-old singer was granted temporary joint custody of his daughter Royalty last week, following a bitter court battle with the girl's mother Nia Guzman, however, Nia's lawyer insisted he submit hair and urine samples as part of the agreement.

According to TMZ, the judge in the case asked Chris to provide samples at the courthouse.

The judge didn't indicate what would happen if test results found the 'Loyal' hitmaker to have illegal substances in his system.

Under the judge's ruling, Chris and Nia will rotate custody of 15 month old Royalty every four days.

They have been ordered to go into mediation to work out a long-term custody agreement, however, if one cannot be agreed upon they will continue to rotate the child every four days - with a trial being scheduled to determine long-term custody.

It's claimed that Nia's lawyers also requested that Chris' mother be present whenever he has custody of little Royalty.

Chris will continue to pay $2,500 a month child support, with the judge denying Nia's request to increase the payments to $15,000.

Nia previously requested full custody, claiming Chris' parenting and lifestyle aren't conducive to raising a child.