A chocolate bunny on the lips, a lifetime on the hips

WHETHER they're mini or mega-size, come in the form of bunnies, ducks, eggs or blocks, it's certainly easy to overeat and overindulge on chocolate at Easter.

And that overindulgence can take a long time to work off.

Cancer Council Queensland spokeswoman Katie Clift says one 40g Creme Egg alone can take 30 minutes of brisk walking to burn off.

Five mini eggs will take 20 minutes of slow swimming, and just one chocolate hot cross bun with butter equates to 75 minutes of vigorous cleaning.

Ms Clift said that simple ways you can stay healthy and feel good for the full four-day weekend include watching portion sizes.

"Sometimes a long weekend or holiday like Easter can encourage us to overeat on both treats and main meals," she said.

"Stick to recommended portion sizes to ensure you're not taking in more than you can burn off.

"Go for healthier treats - fruit and vegetable platters when entertaining are great, healthy, go-to snacks.

"Avoid takeaway meals and hit the barbecue for grilled fish or chicken, and a fresh salad."

Ms Clift said getting out and about was another good option.

"There are plenty of family holiday activities on offer around Queensland - find a local club or community group and enjoy the sunshine while staying SunSmart," she said.

"Have a little creative licence with the Easter Bunny - an Easter colouring book, stickers or active toys like soccer balls or basketballs can be a delight to kids too.

"And remember - a little bit of EGGcersize wouldn't go astray."