The mysterious woman tried to get in a car on Barolin St.
The mysterious woman tried to get in a car on Barolin St.

CHILLING TALE: Barolin St ghost looked ‘sad and tired’

A MAN has recounted the terrifying night a ghostly woman tried to open the door of a car he was sitting in, only for her hand to pass straight through the handle.

The man, who prefers not to be identified, said the incident happened one evening in 2011 when he was a passenger in a car being driven by his dad. He was about 12 at the time.

The pair had been travelling along Barolin St near the drain behind Foodworks when they noticed a woman walking out towards the road.

Not wanting to hit her if she stepped out, the father slowed and stopped the car.

"She was walking toward the road so we stopped in case she walked in front of us, as we'd seen her 100-200m away," the man said.

"And that's when she walked toward my door and then tried opening it."

The man said there'd been something off about the woman all along, but when her hand went right through the handle of the door, it was obvious she wasn't of this world.

"She was solid until she tried grabbing my door handle and her hand passed right through it," he said.

He said the woman looked about 30 and wasn't wearing shoes, revealing red painted toenails.

"She was wearing a long white dress, she had black/dark brown hair that was covering most of her face," he said.

"But from what I did see of her face, she looked like she'd been crying and her eyes were very sunken.

"She looked extremely sad and tired."

The man said while the experience had been happening, a family in modern looking clothing was watching on from a nearby balcony, smiling.

When the terrified father and son drove off, the man looked back to see both the smiling family and the woman had vanished.

He remembers telling his dad he'd be locking his bedroom window that night.

The man said he often thought of that night whenever paranormal discussions came up and to this day, it was the strangest encounter he'd had.

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