Bundaberg's Bourbong Street KFC recently underwent a $1.8 million upgrade.
Bundaberg's Bourbong Street KFC recently underwent a $1.8 million upgrade. Max Fleet BUN010814KFC2

CHICKEN MAYHEM: 78% want a third KFC but chain remains quiet

AS DEBATE around Bundaberg's KFC availability gets hotter than a spicy chicken wing, the franchise itself has kept its beak firmly closed.

The NewsMail contacted KFC a week ago to ask if there were any plans in the pipeline to hatch another outlet in the city.

The question was squawked after a local man, known as Chicken Fan, told the paper he'd witnessed long waits at the Bourbong St eatery.

Photographic evidence backed up his claims that waits were long as Chicken Fan revealed some people had asked for refunds after finding out new chicken needed to be fried.

He described it as "chicken mayhem".

The NewsMail put the topic to Facebook and it wasn't long before locals were chirping.

Andrew McCracken had a few things to say that may ruffle feathers.

"The worse two KFCs I've been at are the ones in Bundaberg - meals aren't consistent, waiting times are ridiculous and staff don't care," he said.

"I love my Zinger burger meal deal but they are so hit and miss, some times it's a different type of chicken fillet, one day the chips are nice the next they are soggy and cold or the pack isn't very full.

"Come on KFC, time to pick up your game in Bundaberg."

One chick, Toni Wenham, said she felt staffing levels needed addressing.

"Maybe they should invest in some more staff, because each time we have been we wait 30 to 45 minutes either in store or drive through for meals, it's not fast food," she said.

Rob Ward was also egging on change.

"Over the years I have been to many, many KFC outlets," he said.

"The one opposite the police station is consistently the slowest KFC that I have ever been to.

"Time for you to step aside now with your 38-minute wait times for somebody who is motivated and capable of fast Zinger burgers.

"You have had more than your chance and failed dismally on all occasions."

On the NewsMail's story, 169 people voted with 78 per cent saying the region needed a third KFC outlet. A second outlet can be found at Hinkler Central.

Bundaberg's Gordie Amos had the following zingy words:

To fly the holy flag of the great Colonel Sanders is a great privilege.

With great privilege comes great responsibility.

Bundy's KFC is unworthy of the task and should be stripped of it's signage and buried deep in the darkest corner of history.

From the ashes of failure a new, stronger, brighter beacon of hope will shine brightly over the mighty Burnett River.

A KFC under new leadership.

Where dry wings and raw chips are no more.

A place where young food service workers can flourish.

A place where men and women from all walks of life can obtain the freshest, juiciest, most flavoursome chicken pieces and enjoy those secret 11 herbs and spices knowing that's exactly the way Harlan himself would have wanted it to be.

A place we can all rely on.

A place we can all love.

Don't give up, fine people of Bundaberg. You have suffered far too long.

The Colonel is with you always.

In K we trust.