Coon cheese.
Coon cheese.

Cheesed off: Letter writers weigh in on Coon debate

BUNDABERG letter writers have weighed in on a topical issue - the name of Coon cheese. 

The debate follows calls from Australian comedian Josh Thomas who labelled the name of the cheese racist. 

The product was named after Edward William Coon, the man responsible for patenting the ripening process used to manufacture the cheese.

Then came an opinion piece by Sarah Marquand, also calling for the name of the cheese to be changed because of its racist connotations.

This is what Bundy's letter writers had to say: 

I wasn't sure whether the article in Friday's News Mail by Sarah Marquand was a joke or a repugnant racial slur against white people.

Marquand wants the name Coon removed from the iconic Coon cheese brand because she believes it is racist propaganda.

Surely she can't be serious?

But then again it doesn't take much for the current brand of extremists to find any bizarre cause to rant about.

Coon cheese was brought to the market over a century ago by William Coon, long before eccentric extremists like Marquand were even thought about.

Poor Bill Coon must be looking down from where is sharing a plate of cheese with God and thinking "what the hell is wrong with these people?

But Marquand can't stop now. She's on a roll and needs to show her cleverness with other names that should stir her avenger's blood.

Why doesn't she start with the old world wide name like White? i.e. White flour, white flowers, white clothes, and on and on. Then there are others such as Brown's cookies, Black Tea, Greene vegetables, Earl Grey Tea.

The list is endless. And I'm sure if she tries hard enough she will find a racist symbol in all of them.

It is absurd and trashy tirades such as these that make people say "stop the world I want to get off".


The rantings of Sarrah Le Marquand seem to be steeped in mystery, the old argument regarding a type of cheese is being rehashed yet again.

The name COON is just one of many names that have the potential to offend someone we have seen people wanting to change other names such as Gin Gin etc.. what next do we need to change , the names of places such as COONabarrabran, COONalbyn, COONamble, COONarr, COONawarra, COONerang, COONgie Lakes, COONgulla, COONgulmerang, COONong, COONooer Bridge as well?

The specific targeting of one name seems to be very laughable to say the least, perhaps the trade name of Coon cheese is a registered trademark and Sarah might be able to buy this name and change it to something more to her liking, all it going to take is money hopefully out of her pocket and not the government's.

Elliott Heads

         As someone who has a few years under the belt I was amazed to read the My Say column of 19/06 written by journalist Sarrah Le Marquand.

It was a trip back in time to the eighties where ethnophaulisms or ethnic slurs were the trendy thing to do.

        Our journalist with the exotic name has latched onto the name "Coon" as in cheese claiming it to be offensive and that it should be changed because she does not want to see it every time she goes to her fridge.

I would advise her that this particular word was the subject of change way back when she was a little girl, as were many others in this period of time.

Perhaps as a suggestion she changes her brand to Cheddar that comes with the added bonus of not requiring refrigeration.

        On a serious note, if this young lady wants to exploit ethnic slurs she can make a career out of that avenue.

For material I would suggest that she looks up ethnic slurs on Wikipedia where she will find literally thousands of them.

I would remind her that history is made up of spilled milk and no matter what it can't be changed.

The real trick is the future as it can be changed or at least avoided so lets be super careful not to add to the long list of  ethnophaulisms.



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