Optus hands out free coffee after ruining your sleep-in

OPTUS has apologised for dragging so many people out of bed a bit early this morning after a glitch on mobile phones caused their clocks to jump forward.

To help settle the nerves of those who ended up in their offices or on their work sites early, Optus is now offering free coffees at 344 Queen St in Brisbane with the presentation of an Optus phone.

They must visit Merlo Coffee before 1pm to collect.

No word yet on whether Queenslanders outside of Brisbane will be given any freebies.

Only southern Queenslanders ended up being time travellers this morning, with Optus having now repaired the issue so the clocks are back where they should be.


Check your clock, you may be an hour ahead this morning

IF you're a smartphone user with Optus you better check a backup clock to make sure you're not an hour ahead of yourself today. 

It seems a glitch has caused Brisbane time zone users to automatically switch to Sydney time causing many to miss out on one precious hour of sleep this morning. 

While the cause of the glitch is unknown, it's believed to be affecting Optus users only.

You can switch your clock back by going into your iPhone settings and switching the date and time to Brisbane instead of Sydney. 

Other smartphones have also been affected. 

Virgin mobile, which also uses the Optus network will also be affected.