Alby Hill died at a unit here in 2013 and now Kaius Patrick Cummins is on trial for murder.
Alby Hill died at a unit here in 2013 and now Kaius Patrick Cummins is on trial for murder. Megan Mackander

'Charlatan' claim unbelievable, Alby Hill murder trial told

HE WAS stupid.

He lied.

And he was guilty of being "ridiculously” drunk. 

But Kaius Patrick Cummins's barrister says the 41-year-old is not guilty of murdering Nigel Robert "Alby” Hill.

Both sides in the murder trial delivered closing addresses to jurors on Thursday - more than five years after Mr Hill, 38, was found dead in an Alexandra Headland unit.

The Crown told Brisbane Supreme Court that Mr Cummins murdered his friend in a frenzy of sexual jealousy.

"He killed his friend in a fit of jealous rage, bashing and beating him - and strangled him to death,” Crown prosecutor Clayton Wallis said.

Mr Wallis said the defence expected jurors to accept an unbelievable tale blaming Chynelle Cummins for Mr Hill's death.

Chynelle was previously Kaius's sister-in law, but then married Kaius in what the Crown said might have been a "sham” ceremony.

The defence said Mr Cummins "brutally” beat his friend but did not murder him, and his DNA was not found on a TV cable used to kill Mr Hill.

Mr Wallis said it was ludicrous to suggest Ms Cummins "concocted a story” to make Kaius take the blame or "cajoled him with the skills of a charlatan.

"Was Chynelle Cummins the type of person who committed the crime ...?”

Mr Wallis said the "demure” woman certainly was not.

In 2013, Mr Cummins told police his friend committed suicide and even had a history of "smashing himself” in the face.

Defence counsel Simon Lewis said his client's initial story "was about as elaborate as him saying a big red chicken did it”.

The barrister said Mr Cummins had a "ridiculously high” blood alcohol reading the night Mr Hill died and drunk people would often talk "rubbish”.

The Crown was also relying on what Mr Lewis called dangerous "snippets” of information from witnesses.

Mr Lewis also said key witness Ms Cummins's version of events had meandered wildly since the fatal incident in February 2013.

Justice Helen Bowskill will sum up the case on Friday.