FOR SALE: The Toondahra property is now on the market in the North Burnett.
FOR SALE: The Toondahra property is now on the market in the North Burnett. Philippe Coquerand

Chance to own a part of Burnett's Beef history

ONE of the North Burnett's prized treasures is on sale this week, well recognised for producing some of Queensland's best beef.

Toondahra, surrounded by national parks 52km from Mundubbera is a large pastoral holding with a long history in the beef industry.

This historic property is an important asset to Queensland and dates back to the early settlement.

Tom and Julia Ashcroft have been managing the 3,791 hectares that make up Toondahra for the past 10 years.

Mr Ashcroft said they do their best in producing high quality beef to the butchers.

"Being from a heritage of butchers, connecting with the land was an obvious choice to begin our journey on a "Paddock to Plate" concept. It provides us with the control of product that we proudly present in our butchery," Mr Ashcroft.

The Australia's national beef expo is one is one of the world's great beef cattle events and is held just once every three years.


The cattle at the Toondahra property.
Cattle at the Toondahra property.

Toondahra's highset Queenslander provides a classic feature on the property and has housed many generations.

The classic landscape well supports beef production and is made up of undulating forest grazing country situated alongside Beeron National park at the southern end of the North Burnett region.

The property consists of 5 main paddocks and 2 holding paddocks offering grazing with bluegrass, spear grass and paspalum varieties.

The surrounding bush featuring a diverse range of native trees such as gum, tea tree, ironbark, spotted gum and has areas of cyprus pine. The land has a carrying capacity of 500 head of breeders plus 100 followers.

For a country known to be dry, the region has an average rainfall of around 711 millimetres.

Unique to Toondahra is the six water courses and creeks that traverse the property and the additional 16 dams on site, combined, provide a constant water supply.

Toondahra will play its role in contributing to the supply of quality Australian beef and its rich water assets and rich grazing paddocks will be its strengths.

Executive for Rural and Agribusiness at Colliers International, Peter Uebergang, said Toondahra is an important asset to the beef world.

"Toondahra is now on the market, it presents an opportunity to either enter or continue a long history of beef production," he said.

Mr Uebergang is accepting all offers to acquire Toondahra, if you're interested please phone him on 0447 007 744.