Champion greyhound tests positive for cocaine

CLONBRIEN Hero, the winner of one of Ireland's top greyhound races, has been banned from racing indefinitely after testing positive for cocaine - and the owner's excuse is a classic.

According to the BBC, evidence of cocaine was found in the dog's system on three separate occasions.

The Irish Greyhound Board has withheld Clonbrien Hero's prizemoney and he will not race again until passed as clean.

Kay Murphy (owner) and Graham Holland (trainer) have denied administering the drug and are pointing the finger of blame at punters.

"We feel we are being victimised here for something we haven't done," Holland told the Times. "If you know you are going to be tested when you win a race, you are not going to administer cocaine to a greyhound. I've been training greyhounds for over 30 years, and now I'm accused of doping them.

"You can pass traces of cocaine by handling money.

"When a dog wins a race, people are walking up to the dog and patting it on the head. If they have cocaine on their hands, they can pass that to the dog, and it can come out in a urine sample."

Clonbrien Hero is not the first dog to test positive for cocaine. In Florida alone, 12 animals have tested positive this year.