Cupcake was accidentally sealed in a box and posted by her owners.
Cupcake was accidentally sealed in a box and posted by her owners. RSPCA

Cat survives 8 days in box after being accidentally posted

A VERY tough Siamese pet cat has survived an amazing eight-day ordeal in the UK after accidentally being sent through the post in a box by her owners.

The Bristol Herald Courier reported that Cupcake spent eight days cooped up in a box on a 400km journey with an order of DVDs that was sent from Cornwall in southwestern England to West Sussex in south-central England.

Apparently while her owners were packaging the DVDs,  Cupcake hopped into in the cardboard box and the parcel was sealed and sent the parcel without the owners realising Cupcake was tucked up inside.

The recipient found a badly dehydrated Cupcake in the box along with the DVDs and contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for help. The RSPCA traced the owners through the cat's microchip.

Her owner, Julie Baggott, told BBC South Today: "I feel terrible about what's happened, you know. I mean, I put everything in the box and I sealed it straight away, so I don't know how she managed to get in there.

"It was a miracle because she was alive, she's managed to survive that awful ordeal."

She added that she had "looked everywhere" for her beloved pet after realising she was missing and having a "horrible, scary feeling".

Ziffit Towers, where Cupcake was delivered, wrote on their website that she had arrived "in a sorry state" and was quickly whisked off to a local vet.